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jcb, 2023, volume 22, issue 3

Journal of Customer Behaviour Cover 2023-3

CURATORIAL: Awopbopaloobop Alopbamboom
POEM: Blue | Jennifer Takhar
REVIEW: No Surrender! Bono’s ‘Wemoirs’, Hiberno-philanthro-capitalism, and the Business School Conceit | Alan Bradshaw
REVIEW: Reflections on Collections and the Meanings of Music from Midcentury – Part 2: Dancing | Morris B. Holbrook
REVIEW: Joy Reclaimed: Designed for Dancing – A Review | Paul Hewer
REVIEW: A Side, B Side | The Curators
ENVOI: Should Contributors to JCB Write Their Papers Using ChatGPT? | Morris B. Holbrook
ARTICLE: We Are All Improvisers! Jazz as an Alternative Lens to Explore the Strategic Marketing Management of the Entrepreneurial Consumer Movement | Ian Fillis and Noel Dennis
ARTICLE: The Hustle | John Baxter
ARTICLE: What Becomes a Literary Lion? | Richard Reepicheep
ARTICLE: Reading Russ | Stephen Brown
POEMS: My Song; Our Song | Dulcie-Bella Hackley and Rungpaka Amy Hackley
ESSAY: An Evening at the Theatre | Chris Hackley
MEMOIR: Can You Hear Me at the Back? | Stephen Brown
ESSAY: From Home to Home: Reflections on the Art of Revolutionary Academic Journal Redesign | Sharon Ponsonby-McCabe and Barry McCabe

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With accompanying video ‘Stepping out of the discourse to make sense of the discourse’

jcb, 2023, volume 22, issue 1-2

Journal of Customer Behaviour Cover 2023-1-2

CURATORIAL: Do Not Open This Door!
ESSAY: It’s Time to Get Decadent | Cele Otnes
ESSAY: Is Barbie Full of It? | Rachel Ashman, Sylvia Beach & Anthony Patterson
ESSAY: An Experiential Primer on Sex and Violence | Clinton D. Lanier, Jr.
ARTICLE: Oh, What a Tangled Web They Weave | Kim Lehman & Ian Fillis
ARTICLE: Fashioning a Frankenbrand: Primark’s Presumption | Caroline Clerval & Wendy Walton
ARTICLE: To Bin or Not to Bin? | Scott Jones, Pallavi Singh & Dianne Dean
MEMOIR: Reflections on the State of Marketing: A Dark Cloud or a Bright Star? | Malcolm McDonald
MEMOIR: Reflections on Collections and the Meanings of Music from Midcentury – Part 1: Listening | Morris B. Holbrook
STORY: The Curse of the Crampus | Stephen Brown
COMMENT: Sharpening the Pointy End of a Brand (or the quest for a meaningful logo) | Kim Lehman & Ian Fillis
POEM: Poetry in Motion | Marcus H. Stevens
POEM: Revival and Restoration | Marcus H. Stevens

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jcb, 2022, volume 21, issue 3-4

CURATORIAL: ¡Up the Revolution!
MANIFESTO: The Valley of Veganism: A Manifesto | Jack Coffin
POEM: Strip Mall Courtship | Jennifer Takhar
POEM: Ô | Roel Wijland
POEM: Aren’t You Glad You Use Dial? Don’t You Wish Everybody Did! | Ian FitzGerald
ESSAY: The Seeds of Change | Pauline Maclaran & Andreas Chatzidakis
ESSAY: Reflections on ‘The Critical Imagination’ and Dreaming of the Postcritical Imaginary | Jeff B. Murray
ESSAY: Orwellian Marketing: Dystopian Brandscapes and the Art of Moving the Masses | Jonatan Södergren
ESSAY: Sharing 2.0: Perspectives from Neglected Markets | Mark Tadajewski
ARTICLE: Carpe DMs | Fidelma Furey
MEMOIR: Once Upon a Time in Westwood | Terrence H. Witkowski
MEMOIR: A Portrait of the Artist as a Strong Brand | Bruno Svevo
COMMENT: A Letter to the Editor | Richard Mitchell
COMMENT: What Are You Listening To? | Gary Sinclair
COMMENT: Michael Baker, Visionary: A Personal View | Roger Bennett

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jcb, 2022, volume 21, issue 1-2

CURATORIAL: Restaging JCB: The Show Must Go On
POEM: Fuck You Very Much, Reviewer C | John F. Sherry, Jr.
POEM: Eclecticism | Hilary Downey
POEM: The Affective Tones of Academic Life | Pilar Rojas Gaviria
ESSAY: An Essay on Photo Essays | Gary Warnaby
ESSAY: Videography as a ‘Shock to Thought’ | Joonas Rokka
ESSAY: When Papa met the Mama of Dada | Kate McBest
ESSAY: Was Beatlemania Consumer Culture’s Sublime Event? | Alan Bradshaw
ESSAY: All the Van Goghs in the World: Writing About Art in the Age of Experience | Kent Drummond
ARTICLE: A Race To The Top: Luxury Performances and Conspicuous Consumption at Jatt Weddings in the Punjab | Rishi Bhardwaj, Annamma Joy & Russell Belk
ARTWORK: Bitcoin | Mariam Humayun
STORY: Carnivals, Picaras and Heroines: Transtextuality in Readable Radical Research | Luciana Walther
STORY: Seriously. Like, Seriously | Andrea Prothero
STORY: Angel | John W. Schouten

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